Racists In Our Midst

I have been closely watching the trajectory of the extreme racist right in my community and the country ever since racism hit my rural family in the early ’80’s. For many years i lived in an area known for it’s white supremacists, some of whom left to kill people of color elsewhere; Buford Furrow opened fired on a Los Angles Jewish community center wounding 5 children then killed a Filipino mailman & Chevy Kehoe killed an Arkansas gun dealer, his wife and child because they were black.

So it has been bothering me with increasing frequency how so many who consider themselves progressives actually appear on Alex Jones radio & youtubes shows. Since shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, i have seen materials coming from racists in Stevens County, Washington, where i lived for many years. The 9/11 Deception Dollars were major warning signs to me as i immediately checked out the websites on these dollars printed by Carol Brouillet of Sebastapol, CA. The level of white supremacy i discovered was shocking and Alex Jones’ http://www.infowars.com was one of the first. I saw his hatred of Mexican migrants as he posted articles denouncing the Smaritans who place water along the US/Mexican border to save migrant people from dying of thirst. I tried telling people, but most simply did not care. I continued over the past nearly 9 years to keep myself current with the spectrum of people associated with the Deception Dollars and the 9/11 bigots of which there are far too many.

The America Free Press, once known as The Spotlight, a racist paper if there ever was one, had a link on those dollars in their first printings. Jeff Rense, another bigot, had his link included. Some others like Michael Ruppert made an effort to distance himself from the racist elements of the so called 9/11 Truth Movement, but most did not.

Now, as we see people like Ron Paul gaining more visibility especially with the success of his son Rand winning the Kentucky senate primary as a Tea Party candidate, the truth of their alliances, if not outright membership, with white supremacist organizations is coming out of the closet.

I could list names of people besides Naomi Wolf who have graced the white supremacist websites that would shock anyone who has some workable knowledge of the scope of dangerous bigotry in the US.

These people may oppose the wars, may oppose globalization, may support legalization of marijuana, may oppose the growing police state, may support organic food as well as many other issues that progressives hold dear. They do NOT uphold authentic peace, love and justice. This is very critical. These are an over armed bunch of paranoid nutjobs whose shock troops have been apprehended for killing Jews, African Americans, Native Americans, homeless people, LGBT people, prostitutes, migrants, and other marginalized peoples.

I am not willing to trade one jack boot for another. I do not care if Alex Jones gives voice to issues peace activists care about. He is NOT part of the solution. His hidden agenda is not all that hard to find. Sadly, most people do not recognize the blueprint of bigotry which i became familiar with when i attended four Second Amendment meetings in Stevens County preceding the Oklahoma City bombing. Once that happened, alot of the bigots went underground until recently. For years they have enjoyed voice thru the guise of the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is time to clear the muddied waters of this mixture that does not bode well for any of us striving for a decent, livable planet for our children and the coming generations.

In peaceful struggle,


About frontlinegranny60

Longtime human rights worker, mother, artist, street performer, researcher, gardener, simple liver, writer, feminist, egalitarian & nonviolent resister to injustice. Striving to end all war & attendent destruction.
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